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Where is the CUDDLE Trust Active? Over 250 pre-schools in Tembisa Several pre-schools in Germiston/Delmore Gardens Sinekhaya House of safety in Tembisa Pre-schools in Kayemanyane (Nelspruit area) Several schools near Pretoria
Why go to CUDDLE Trust? Sustainable projects in partnership with local government and communities. A constructive way to earn points on the BBBEE scorecard through SED (Social Economic Development)
How CUDDLE Trust Helps Long term vision, mission, commitment and support resulting in sustainable programs and projects within the disadvantaged communities of South Africa. 
Why donate to the CUDDLE Trust? A Registered Trust (Trust Deed & Trustees) - IT022008/2014(T) A Non-Profit Organization - 151-771-NPO A Public Benifit Organization - 930049758 95% of all donations/contributions reaches the community intended (no admin costs and a 5% max operational cost component retained by the Trust to ensure long term sustainability of the projects.) Donations can be target specific and thus measurable i.t.o. effectiveness. Transparent feedback via hands-on involvement, reports, photos, social media. Donations received are tax deductible because they go towards "public benefit activities". Earn 5 or 25 points on your BBBEE Scorecard for SED (Social Economic Development). Enhance company image through CSI (Corporate Social Investment). Trustees are educated professionals providing strong governance & transparent reporting. Volunteers are self-funded. Project employees are from the local communities. Sustainable projects in partnership with local government and communities.
The CUDDLE Trust’s focus is on education, especially preschool education in  disadvantaged areas. The CUDDLE Trust believes that education is the key to a  more successful future for both the individual and the community. Through  experience we have learned that the proverb “Give a man a fish and feed him for  a day, Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime” is the most effective  strategy to combat poverty and bring about positive change in a community.  The Trust offers preschool teacher training at both a basic and advanced level, as well as then visiting the schools of those teachers to further assist them through donations of teaching materials and upgrading of their facilities.  The “créche course” as it has come to be known is our flagship project, but we also look to fill various other needs by such initiatives as food parcel distribution, winter warmer packs, sponsoring of school fees/college tuition, etc.